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I am a freelance digital mediator.

After many years tacking from advertising to computer science via musicology, English and agriculture, I reach the right port in 2004: public access to Internet.

I first work for several years as an e-facilitator in CyberEelA, an EPN (Digital Public Space) in Finistère, Brittany. This is an opportunity for the roleplayer and gamer that I am to use my gaming experience for popular education. The audience is mostly composed of children and teenagers. I then use serious gaming, diverting video games as tools for mediation and sensitization on issues such as empowerment, socialization, parenting, media literacy…

In 2009, I coordinate the EPN network in Drôme, the EPI and I participate in the development of Coraia, the accompanied Internet coordination in Rhône-Alpes. I take part in mutations of EPN and e-facilitator job. New paths are opened – third places, citizen media, Fab Labs, coworking, collaborative economy – driven by evolving concepts: digital mediation, popular education, sustainable lifestyle, common goods

In 2010, I move as a freelance digital mediator. Based in Marseille, I come in different territories to raise public awareness to digital cultures. I participate in and follow projects that seek new ways of thinking and making ((Movilab and the third places, the networks of the digital mediation as Arsenic and Coraia, researchers from OMNSH and Marsouin, Imagination for People…). I also keep on diverting video games “for all useful purposes“.

And I also play. Just for fun :-)

#Movilab #TICA #mednum #educpop #BiensCommuns #JV

Where am I ?

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